Create Your Side Hustle Income Plan In A Weekend Planner

Create Your Side Hustle Income Plan In A Week {Planner}

Arey you tired of working for a big boss in a corporate environment where you don’t feel appreciated?

In the current context do you feel that it might be a good idea to look at creating a side hustle that allows you to use our skills and abilities on your own terms?

Do you want to put your talents to better use in your own business?

Kudos to you for coming to that realisation!

Now is the time to find a quiet place this weekend where you won’t be interrupted and put your planning hat on to figure out the best strategy for building this new business.

It’s one thing to daydream about your new-found freedom and how wonderful it will be to be responsible only for yourself; it’s another thing entirely to become a solopreneur freelancer who is responsible for marketing, customer retention, and for getting the work done properly (and on time!).

This planner is meant to exercise that brain of yours, to be creative, to dig deep to uncover your unique qualifications for starting this business, and to discover who your Dream Client is: That elusive figure who desperately needs your services and who is willing to pay good money for the value you give.

We’ll start at the beginning to narrow down your focus so you’re creating a business you love instead of one you dread; and then we’ll move through multiple planning stages, which all build upon each other so you have a sturdy foundation for your business when you open your doors. Yes, it IS possible to plan this amazing business in just a weekend! But it takes work, creativity, and an open mind on your part, followed by action steps to put your planning into place. Don’t be intimidated by the process. Instead embrace it, get excited by it, and jump out of your comfort zone to reach that finish line. 

In this Step-by-Step Planner, we'll look at:


Step 1: From Favorite Hobby to Lucrative Side Hustle

“Do what you love and the money will follow,” is never more true than when it comes to a side hustle. And it’s especially true for those who love to code or design or even hang out on Instagram all day.

Exercise: Brainstorm Side Hustle Ideas


Step 2: Don’t Get Stuck With an Unsustainable Side Gig

Now that you’ve completed your brainstorming list, it’s time to review those options and decide what’s plausible and what can sustain you long term. After all, the last thing you want is to let something you once loved turn into burnout.

Exercise: Journal About Your Options


Step 3: Get to Know Your Dream Client

Every business has one, and she’s as unique as you are. In this step, you’ll dig in and get to know her hopes, dreams, struggles and triumphs.

Exercise: Describe Your Dream Client


Step 4: Scope Out the Competition

There’s a big difference between an idea and a viable business. The best way to see what’s working? A little reconnaissance.

Exercise: Identify Your Competitors


Step 5: Review Your Competition’s Best Offers

Designing your packages can be a struggle when you’re just starting out. Keep an eye on what others are doing and tweak their ideas to match your unique brand.

Exercise: Analyze Offers


Step 6: Know Your Unique Selling Proposition

What sets you apart from your competitors? What gaps are you uniquely able to fill? When someone does a Google search for your skills, what will make them click on YOUR search engine listing instead of someone else’s?

Exercise: Add Elements That Are Uniquely You


Step 7: Your Brilliant Brand

Now that you know what’s uniquely you, you can design your brilliant branding. Some people describe a brand as your company’s personality or image, but branding is really much more complex than what color palette you choose.

Exercise: Create Your Brand Board


Step 8: Build Your Infrastructure

Let’s get down to business and get your virtual storefront online and ready to greet new clients. Just as in the olden days of receiving catalogs in the mail, your dream clients will first want to browse to see what you have to offer. Your website is the first impression people will see about your business so take your time to make it a good one.

Exercise: Brainstorm and Buy a Domain and Order Hosting

Exercise: Install Your New Website


Step 9: Design Your Service Packages

With your dream client defined, a little reconnaissance work done, and your brand firmly established, it’s time to create your service packages and page.

Exercise: Write Your Services Page


Step 10: Roll Out The Welcome Mat

Don’t let your low budget or the process of hiring a graphic designer get you stalled in your planning. Technically you don’t need to have a professionally designed and SEO-ed website to get started, but you do need a few key pages in place.

Exercise: Create Your Home Page

Exercise: Create Your About Page


Step 11: Your “Back of the Napkin” Marketing Plan

Wishing for clients won’t make them appear. You need an actual plan. No matter how well optimized your website may be or how often you post on social media, clients won’t find you without you telling them you’re open for business. And while word of mouth is a great way to get new clients, starting out will require you to toot your horn a bit while you go looking for those dream clients.

Exercise: Map Out Your Client-Getting Plan


Step 12: And it’s Go Time!

Everything you’ve done has led to this final step-flinging open your virtual doors and telling the world you’re available for hire. Take that marketing plan and put it into action. Consistent marketing every day will build momentum, expand your reach, and will attract the people who need to see and hear your message–your dream clients.

Exercise: Design Your Launch Party


Let’s Get Started On Creating Your Side Hustle Income Plan In A Weekend!


So, are you ready to save time and improve your professional life by creating your side hustle income plan?

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